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About us

Dollar Typing Service is owned and managed by GRAFIX, a home-based computer service provider company that began in year 1998, and over the years has grown into a full-blown business house with a highly skilled cast of staff. GRAFIX is extending Desk Top Publishing services with a special emphasis on academic support services and solutions.

What we thrive for

ACCURACY: We are committed to keeping our accuracy level to a minimum of 95% in the first galley proof, which helps minimize the time needed by the researchers (and their advisors) in correcting typographical and other errors, and maximize their time into putting more effort to enhance the quality of the material itself.

SPEED: After accepting a job, we try to complete it as soon as possible (without compromising on the quality of our service), in the process bringing down the turnaround time to a minimum. Normally we work on a strict 10-5 schedule, but do put in extra time as and when occasion demands.

SINCERITY: We value each and every job irrespective of its nature. Once we accept a job, we are at it with the highest level of sincerity and commitment.

CONFIDENTIALITY: We understand the value of academic works carried out by students, researchers, and authors. We respect their efforts and passion with which they have reached to the point when their manuscripts are ready to go to print. Because these works are unique which were never published or referred to before, we accord strictest confidentiality to each of them.