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Introducing Low-Cost Typing Service

Due to the worldwide economic recession, companies, organizations, firms as well as individuals face the need to control their expenses. There is a heavy demand for cheap and affordable services in every aspect of life.

It has a considerable effect on the day to day office services. Many people seeking Typing Services search online for cheaper services, where only raw text is needed for post processing. Raw texts are then corrected, edited and laid-out by people as per their requirements.

If you are looking for economical Typing Services, you have come to the right place. We provide Low Cost Copy Typing Services to meet this kind of demand. We will convert your Handwritten Manuscript/ Printed Copy/ PDF documents to raw text, which then you can edit, insert, use in part or full for your project.

Unbelievable Fixed Pricing!!

Printed Copy Typing

Handwritten Manuscript Typing

OCR Conversion & Cleanup

Printed Copy Typing Handwritten Manuscript PDF to Word




Low-Cost Typing Services - Terms & Conditions

  • Most importantly the text should be ABSOLUTELY insertion / correction free and clearly readable. Any source manuscript which has low readability would come under Professional Service category (explained below).

  • Only readable text from the source document is typed.

  • The text would only be typed in Courier New, in a letter size paper with 1 inch all around margin, one line break between 0.5 inch first line indented paragraphs.

  • Accuracy level would be maintained at around 98% (in terms of total word count; greatly dependent on the quality of the manuscript).

  • Turnaround time would be average (depends on the amount of workload at that point of time).

  • Minimum order should be of $50 USD. That accounts for 125 pages of Printed/Typed manuscript or 84 pages of Hand written manuscript.

  • 100% Payment to be made in advance.

If your project is mission critical, urgent in nature, requires great deal of accuracy you are requested to avail our Professional Typing Services (explained below), which can fulfill your every need.



You can even fax your Quote Request at 1-815-377-2584. Just remember to mention a valid email address on the document so that we reply to you promptly.



Professional Typing Services - What you get

  • Source Document - Text not so clear, difficult to read, smudgy, full of insertion/correction are converted to editable electronic document in various formats (.doc, .docx, .pdf etc.).

  • Formatting - Typed documents are formatted as per your specifications (APA style, Publication-ready format etc.).

  • Accuracy level - This greatly depends on the quality to the source document. However, physical level of 99% is always maintained. For 'excellent' quality source documents 99.99% accuracy is guaranteed.

  • Privacy/Confidentiality - Working with academicians for over 10 years, we know the importance of privacy and confidentiality and have no problems signing a Confidentiality Agreement if it is requested.

  • Turnaround time would be lowest and depends on the amount of workload at any given point of time.

  • Payment option - Generally 50% advance and rest before delivery. Non-editable PDF versions of the project are being delivered for review as well as proof of completion before claiming the final bill.

Explore our Professional Typing Services on offer.

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